About US

     My name is Paloma Guerrero also known as Ms.PalomaG on instagram.
I've  always had a passion for fashion. Growing up I used to play dress up and put different outfits together. I would even cut up my old clothes and reconstruct them. When I was in high school I knew I wanted to design clothes for my own clothing line.  I would find my inspiration from anything  or anywhere. I could be walking down the street and see a sign and instantly get inspired to go home and sketch what came to mind. I've been sketching for a few years now, but have never actually made my designs come to life until 2018. I knew I had to invest into myself to actually make my dreams a reality. I was afraid and nervous of not having any customers. Also, the thought of having others dislike my designs was nerve wrecking. I was able to put all that negativity aside and told myself "I can do it" and put my faith in gods hands. I began to do my research for months and months,  and now I can finally say that I'm the CEO & Designer to my online clothing store Evolv. I hope you guys enjoy every customized design and join me on my journey as a Fashion Designer.
                                                                 ( These here are two of my first designs)